Next Annual Trip

There will be a Holiday camp in December insha Allah, for a fortnight. This will be optional, however we would advise you to register your child as it will be productive for them.The main agenda of the camp is to help the children identify their skills all-round. There will be various fun activities that will enable them to nurture their talents and yet have a good time. Children from other schools can also register. Registration will start in early November. Kindly pass on the message to family and friends. More information will be passed on before we start registering. School. Open to the public.

Students are more likely to learn on a Educational  trip because their minds are relaxed. They aren’t worried about the competitive classroom setting.

Mr. Clayton Thornton, a Libby Award winner

Educational trips can give students exposure to places they might not otherwise visit.

Many schools, camps and institutions offer Educational trips for students to spend several hours or days outside of the classroom. Educational trips range from local visits to civic offices or businesses to international excursions, complete with overnight stays. Whatever their scope, Educational trips can offer many advantages to the students who take them.

If your Educational  trip is to a local destination, students will gain a better understanding about their community. This sometimes boosts the students’ interest in being an active citizen to help preserve what makes the community special.


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2018-12-11 8:00 am 2018-9-12 4:00 pm Pacific/Midway Next Annual Trip There will be a Holiday camp in December insha Allah, for a fortnight. Haller Park, Mombasa Kenya
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