T.U.I Graduation Day

Graduation at Taaleem Ul Islaam Academy is so important for many ways, such as; graduation is the start of a new chapter in a person”s life whether it be another school year, or the entry into a professional life. Graduations help people remember the things accomplished in the past, as well as helping people to look forward to the future. When people think of a graduation they remember friends and family made or seen all the way through that time period; they think of the honors they achieved, and the many ways that those honors will help them to pursue future opportunity. Graduations are so flexible that it is near impossible to explain exactly how helpful and memorable they can be for a person. However, it is impossible to illustrate how much a graduation can come to mean for a singular person.

Parents, students and community members are invited to attend this Graduation.

Graduation is a major step and milestone in the life of a student and must be celebrated as such.

These ceremonies provide legitimacy of the transition, and include the reality that the phase they are now entering is assuredly ‘real’.

Mr. Sudi Abdi, Samudina IT

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For a student, a graduation can be one of the biggest days of their life. As a farmer does hard work day and night and at the end harvest the healthy plants and sell the grains to earn money for his living. Like this, a student does hard work from starting and at the end he got the fruits in the form of his graduation degree and then this degree helps him to earn money for living and earn respect from his family and friends.

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2016-9-27 9:00 am 2016-5-2 1:00 pm Pacific/Midway T.U.I Graduation Day Graduation at Taaleem Ul Islaam Academy is so important for many ways, Taaleem Ul Islaam Mpaka Road, After Parklands Masjid
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