About our School

Taaleem Ul Islamm Academy has been running for 8 years. It maintains an Islamic environment that provides a medium through which the children will acquire a well-balanced knowledge of both secular and Islamic Education. At the academy, we empower and develop a well-educated and self-reliant generation that will live up to the challenge of the future. This will also help them know that whatever they do, God is the foundation of everything regardless of your occupation.

The purpose of T.U.I Academy is to promote excellence in religious and modern education and to develop an Islamic personality in children and youth.

The objectives include, promoting standard of all systems of education, enhancement of content of curriculum and quality on a continuous bases, consistent effort to reach the highest level compared to any school, deliberate and conscious effort for promoting ethic togetherness in our school and youth programs, promotion of Islamic personality  and its experience among the students and youth, inculcating the work view of Islam and its mission, and fostering positive behavior and compassion toward fellow other Being.

I always Imagine, struggling and managing to provide our children access to a curriculum that is approved for accreditation at your fingertips.

Your child can work on it in the morning or the evening. Add to that, certified teachers to guide your child every step of the way.

We strive to provide Religious education to all students. All students will attend the daily Dhuhr (afternoon) prayer using proper behavior at all times.

AFFAN ESSAK, Director / Owner
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The aim of the Islamic Academy curriculum is to provide an academically rich education.

The addition of religion will meet the needs of individual students. Eac...

The purpose of school rules, along with the other elements of our total program,

is to create an Islamic atmosphere and attitude of consideration and con...

Religious education is provided to all students. All students will attend the daily Dhuhr (afternoon) prayer using proper behavior at all times.

The Qur’an / Arabic and Islamic Studies classes are mandatory for all st...